Monday, September 7, 2009

Long time no write.
I have found that the ease of Facebook rapidly gets in the way of updating the blog. FB also allows me to see the speed and addictiveness of Twitter. Just dash off a line or two and you have the illusion of saying something.

I spent a lot of time on the road the since 19 July. Debi, Sapper, and I went to Enumclaw, WA for the Regional Highland Games, then on to the cabin in Colorado. We spent some great time there, enjoying what, for us, has become a foriegn place.

Debi had to remain in Colorado with her Mom for two weeks. Her Mom fell and ended up fracturing her sternum. Not a pleasent spot for a break for anyone, much less an eighty-four year old gal. Sapper and I made the trip across Colorado/Western Wyoming/Idaho/Oregon/Washington/ferry to Victoria, BC/upisland to Pt Hardy/ferry to Prince Rupert/ferry to KTN. The new trailer did great and is a real treat to set up and use. I did experience a catastrophic trailer tire blow-out in Oregon, but all went well, very little drama.

I'll work up a better write up on the trip later.