Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Fine Supper

Last night was the Annual Robert Burns Supper. This year, the Misty Thistle Pipes and Drums were the sponsoring organization. Jane Bolima, President of the MTP&D, did the lioness's share of the prepping, decorating, organizing, cooking, calling, arranging, and running. Really, she is an amazing woman, with far more energy than I want to have. Energy like that means everyone wants you to do everything, because, apparently, you can.

Good crowd at the Supper. We ordered rotisserie turkeys from A&P and that turned out to be a very good deal. Tatties and neaps, salad, and, of course, HAGGIS. We ordered six pounds from Charles Lamb, in Oregon, and Jane tried her hand at home made haggis. I think hers was better.More pepper is needed, but if she is willing to prepare it next year (see, I do it, too), that is another $200 we will save in costs. The turkeys, used instead of salmon, saved us almost $500. All told, it appears that we netted over $1100. That is a few pipe reeds or kevlar drumheads.

Left, Northern coast weather: overcast, warmish, intermittent light drizzle

Fun, ach, aye.

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