Monday, February 4, 2013

Flurries of Yawns

So, 4 Feb. Big weekend here in Ketchikan.
Wearable Art Show, RE-INVENT, was Thursday through Saturday. Sold out every show, not even tickets at the door. I am constantly amazed at the depth of talent around here. There were some terrific outfits, some showing far more time and energy than others. Two grunge kids and chunks of guitar-shaped wood, I'm looking at you. Onward to next year, the theme for 2014 is Luminescence.

Super Bowl weekend. Meh. I just waited until Sunday night to look up the commercials. I really have gotten to the point of who cares who wins. I'm loving the fact that this one will go down into the books as the "Blackout" bowl. Thinking of the millions of dollars that went into the spectacle that is Super Bowl, and they blew a fuze? For thirty-four minutes? Superdome staff should be very worried as to who looses their jobs.

Today marks the first day of road closures at the Old Hospital demolition site. The building has been sagging into the muskeg across the street from us for years. Front facade is collapsing, held in place with chain-link retaining screens. Good luck on the city ever seeing a dime in reimbursements from the demolition.

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